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  I always see myself as a storyteller. I write about the things that I love, my life journey, places I’ve been and it’s my way of influencing others to have a better appreciation of what life is. And because of this, I figured


Welcome to my Favourites page! I love the feeling of being transported to another place without spending lots of money. I just use my imagination and voila! I can be anywhere I want to be just by pushing the remote


Traveling taught me so many valuable lessons in life. When I am on the road with my husband, I am certain that everything is possible. Life is about taking risks and making your childhood dreams come true. And so, I continue to aim for


  • In Full View: Tawhai Falls (Gollum’s Pool)

    In Full View: Tawhai Falls (Gollum’s Pool)

    One of the highlights of our Winter 2017 trip was a quick visit to the stunning Tawhai Falls a.k.a “Gollum’s Pool” 🙂 You can probably tell that I’m completely obsessed with The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, a fantasy epic thatRead More »
  • Back On Track: July 2017 Soundtrack

    Back On Track: July 2017 Soundtrack

    Hey guys, we’re at the second half of 2017 and I’m kinda getting back into the swing of things… so, I’m sharing my Top 5 Favorite Songs for the Month of July! Aside from the music that I’ve been listeningRead More »
  • God’s Love Heals Everything

    God’s Love Heals Everything

    I just want to take this moment to reflect. Honestly, the past few weeks were a bit overcast and it’s something that I don’t really know how to put into words… but I’ll try my best. I’ve been sick forRead More »
  • CSW 2017: The Best Kind Of High

    CSW 2017: The Best Kind Of High

    Jeff and I have been invited to serve in the annual Committed Servants Weekend of the CFC Singles for Family and Life ministry early this year. It’s an awesome event specifically made for SFL Household Servants and up, not only to be trainedRead More »
  • Understanding The World Behind My Lens

    Understanding The World Behind My Lens

    I went on a silent retreat at Tyburn Monastery and it sort of connects me with that familiar feeling where waves of inspiration just blows my mind. The experience brought back so many beautiful memories and that’s how God make an impressionRead More »
Travel Buddies

Travel Buddies

I may always be on the road with my husband but I love making new friends and meeting interesting people from all walks of life. It’s always good to exchange stories and learn from each other’s experiences. And so, I

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