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  I always see myself as a storyteller. I write about the things that I love, my life journey, places I’ve been and it’s my way of influencing others to have a better appreciation of what life is. And because of this, I figured


Welcome to my Favourites page! I love the feeling of being transported to another place without spending lots of money. I just use my imagination and voila! I can be anywhere I want to be just by pushing the remote


Traveling taught me so many valuable lessons in life. When I am on the road with my husband, I am certain that everything is possible. Life is about taking risks and making your childhood dreams come true. And so, I continue to aim for


  • Hello, Goodbye!

    Hello, Goodbye!

      This blog is my online space. It’s something close and dear to me that’s why I’m having a difficult time deciding whether I should or shouldn’t keep it. Opening my heart to the rest of the world through myRead More »
  • In Full View: Waikato Cherry Tree Festival 2018

    In Full View: Waikato Cherry Tree Festival 2018

    Hey guys! We attended the Waikato Cherry Tree Festival 2018 at the English Cherry Tree Manor in Hamilton last month and it was lit! 🙂 Witness the traditional Chinese Costume Dance, amazing Kung Fu demonstration and be entertained by the veryRead More »
  • In Full View: Western Okataina Walkway

    In Full View: Western Okataina Walkway

    Hey guys! I’m back again with another travel blog! <3 Nature trips are the greatest. It heals the soul, it refreshes the spirit and the flawless scenery drives you to constantly put yourself out there in the great outdoors. WeRead More »
  • Goodbye Winter 2018

    Goodbye Winter 2018

    Hey guys! How is everyone doing? Hope you’re all having a good week! It’s currently spring season here in New Zealand and praise God because we survived the minus degree weather. Yay! I particularly love this time of the year because itRead More »
  • In Full View: Kawhia Hot Water Beach

    In Full View: Kawhia Hot Water Beach

    Hi friends! I know I’ve been horrible at updating my blog but I’m so excited to finally share my travel adventures with all of you again. 🙂 If you’ve been watching my videos then you know how much I love theRead More »
Travel Buddies

Travel Buddies

I may always be on the road with my husband but I love making new friends and meeting interesting people from all walks of life. It’s always good to exchange stories and learn from each other’s experiences. And so, I

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