Jeff and I have been invited to serve in the annual Committed Servants Weekend of the CFC Singles for Family and Life ministry early this year. It’s an awesome event specifically made for SFL Household Servants and up, not only to be trained as excellent and humble servant leaders but also for them to be on the same page as other missionaries of this ministry.

Today, I’ll be sharing 3 valuable lessons that I took home from the Committed Servants Weekend:

1 If we don’t focus on Him, we’ll miss the point.

God was very hands-on during the whole event.

It’s not really a surprise that we’ll be experiencing some sort of harassment because what we’re dealing with was actually a spiritual battle. But still, on our way to the venue we’re caught off guard and we’re like… I’m sorry, what just happened? Imagine we’re only five minutes away from reaching Tyburn Monastery but to our surprise there happened to be a motor cross event in the area and there were road blocks everywhere. We then asked around for other possible way to reach our destination and luckily, there’s this one option of going back to the main highway but it’ll be a one hour adventure to the venue. It would have been easier to just wait until the motor cross event finishes but we took the risk and finally decided to go. That particular encounter means so much to me because we found ourselves totally trusting in God’s plan. From that moment, we’re certain that His messages were slowly being shown to us and it gave us that sense of relief when we finally reached Dods Road (God’s Road). Actually, God wants to put our minds at ease, because it’s His event and He is in-charge!

2 Experience the happiest of hours

It’s where it all began. The happiest of hours was captured perfectly during the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. I wish I could freeze time and stay longer in the Chapel during that time. I just want to savor every second because being with Him made a huge difference in my life. The answer to all our questions and as to what we’re looking for was readily available to us and it’s right there at the cross. I got really sentimental while kneeling down because I’m assured that God will take away anything that are holding me back. I believe that’s what makes people keep coming back to Jesus. We made a ton of amazing memories with the Lord in prayer, and that’s a fact.

3 Do not underestimate your ability to use words

Life has a lot of unforeseen circumstances so never lose that brotherhood and sisterhood bond. We may not be aware of it but when you share your personal experience, you’re allowing other people to witness and have a glimpse of God’s mercy through that circumstance. Knowing that someone went through the exact same thing uplifts so many people and that’s the beauty of being in community. Having a relationship with the Lord is very important to us, that’s also the reason why we share because at the end of the day, we are one in Christ. We all have the same realization that love has found us and I can definitely attest to that!

The CSW was such a great learning experience and I got more than what I’ve expected. You guys have to join us next time! Anyways, here are some photos from this spirit-filled event. Enjoy! 🙂

If photos were not enough, check out the CSW 2017: Duc In Altum video on my YouTube Channel and give it some love! <3

Again, thank you for taking the moment to read this post. Hope this could shed some insight to all of you. It’s such a cool experience and was immensely fulfilling. We left beaming! 🙂


Keep spreading God’s love,


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CSW 2017: The Best Kind Of High
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