I went on a silent retreat at Tyburn Monastery and it sort of connects me with that familiar feeling where waves of inspiration just blows my mind. The experience brought back so many beautiful memories and that’s how God make an impression every time we choose to spend a day with Him. Truth is, we need to listen to God’s voice a little bit more. Yes, his messages were very in your face and honest, but that’s what I like about this whole thing. I desire nothing but to have an authentic and loving relationship with Him.

The retreat facilitators gave us some bible readings to reflect on and they encouraged us to find a quiet hidden corner where we can freely express and write our thoughts on a sheet of paper while admiring the gorgeous surroundings inside the monastery. This post is going to be a bit of a diary entry so maybe this will make you laugh and hope you’ll dig this as well.


Bible Verses: Genesis 2:7-9; 3:1-7 (Creation and Temptation)


Thank you Lord! were the first words out of my mouth.

It’s not about knowing what’s good and evil. It’s a matter of trust and obedience.

It’s really funny because I am now sitting on a wooden bench inside this dreamy gazebo while soaking up the warm rays of the sun. I’m trying my best to gather my thoughts and reflect in the middle of this beautiful rosary garden. By the way, I’m happy to be surrounded by a bunch of cows and they were all staring back at me in total amazement. I watch them for quite a while and they look like they’re all waiting to be photographed. So, well see how it goes. :p

Even if these domesticated squad were so adorable, I am a bit scared and I kept wondering whether they’ll find a way to break out and eventually attack me. 🙂  But as I succumbed the stillness of the moment and carefully watch these gentle beasts, I realized that they were just as curious as I am. Most of them were minding their own business (at least I would like to think so) but some of them were gravitated towards the world beyond the fence. What’s on the other side? They didn’t bother me at first, but I freaked out when they started banging the barricade. But when I try to be as still as possible and stay in my place, I feel much safer and became conscious that I am actually protected inside the gazebo.

Maybe it’s freedom that we seek, that when we look beyond the perimeters of where we are at the moment, we’re acquainted with this overwhelming need to satisfy our senses. We’re tempted by the stuff that we randomly hear, see or anything that could be felt.

But the question is, what is real freedom?

Real freedom can only be found in Christ. A limitless freedom can be experienced in the person of Jesus. When we dive into the heart of God, we will understand the reason why he plan these things in the first place. He doesn’t want us to get hurt in the process but because of man’s great downfall, we become more aware of the danger outside and it takes an act of humility and grace to recognize the face of God in the person of Jesus.

Christ is the way. We look to Him as our guide in terms of thriving in this life beyond the Garden of Eden. In everything that we do, we must ask ourselves: What would Jesus do if he’s in my situation?

If we’re conscious and sensitive to always call upon the name of the Lord then we’ll find our way back to safety, under the wings of the Father. The very reason why we’re here. <3


Blessed beyond words,


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