2017 was so overwhelming but it made such a huge impact on my life and I’ve learned to take things in manageable chunks. Definitely it’s a year of growth and it had a profound effect on me personally.

I was about to conclude that 2017 wasn’t my year but… grace happened.

Please let me share 3 valuable lessons that I’ve learned in 2017. Let’s get started!

1 Joy In Suffering

I’ve experienced a lot of discomfort from the previous year and it was emotionally, mentally and physically draining. Honestly, I struggled to find an answer but God was such a lifesaver. He sent help through St. Therese of Lisieux. When I read more about her life and sufferings I was affirmed that what I’m experiencing was nothing but a difficult phase. St. Therese had suffered much in her lifetime but she’s an amazing role model when it comes to enduring painful trials. Despite all of those hardships, her faith and trust remained whole.

“Every trial, no matter what its causes and characteristics are, is a trial of faith, or of hope or of love.” (The Way Of Trust And Love)

It’s all about embracing the real moments, finding joy during the purification stage and being completely transparent with the Lord. Do not be afraid to be broken for it’s a teaching moment and it led me to where I am today. When faith in myself wavered, I try to remember what God has taught me – humility.

To those people who have sent lovely messages, I love you with all my heart. You’ve been a tremendous part of my recovery.


2 Ask The Lord To Aim For The Heart

Sometimes it’s easy to forget during challenging seasons of our lives but in order to grow and overcome a struggle, you must be willing to ask for God’s help. Allow Him to guide your day to day life and to be constantly reminded of who He is. Having that deep dependence on God actually give you clarity, a time to rest and courage to go forward in a better direction.

You need to nurture your relationship with God because the Lord will help you cultivate and encourage love in everything you do. He is intimately involved with everything. So if you feel like you pushed yourself too much and there’s a lot of actions beyond your control, do not worry. You’re not a loser, He just won your heart.

Having God’s support is invaluable and it’s the best thing ever! I believe so deeply that you won’t be disappointed.

3 Continue To Spill Inspiration

Instead of falling into a deep slumber, God reminded me that I am beautiful and that His unconditional love was meant to be mine. Even when you’re in a puddle, the Lord is there. I know sometimes it’s kinda hard to process but believe me, you know when you felt it. He assures me that whatever it is that I want to do for His glory, I will be great at it. And because of this, I knew I had to spread the word even more.

God’s love brings people together through passion for community and evangelization work. It’s the perfect venue to motivate others to do good and encourage them to share their stories of hope. Feed your soul with so much love and purpose, utilize social media platforms to reach more people and share the truth to the growing online community, there’s so many ways to give back. Every move makes a difference so be a positive influence to another human being. It’s important to turn your struggle into support. Maybe one day a person will stumble upon your sharing and they will thank you for reminding them that they have Jesus Christ in their lives.


See all in all, it’s not so bad. I thought it’s going to be the worst year but you know, life goes beyond that. I love how it turned out and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Hope these messages will resonate with some people. Please continue to pray for me, your prayers go a long way. 2017 was another year full of grace and I’m just thankful for another chapter.

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May 2018 be the start of an amazing year for all of us. Let us embrace this beautiful life with arms wide open!


Sending love and light,




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2017: A Year Full Of Grace
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