Hey, ladies and gents! What are you guys up to? ūüôā Today’s supposed to be interesting because I finally had a moment to compile my¬†favorite songs¬†for the month of April. Music is a big part of who I¬†am and listening to fresh tunes is always the best part of my day. I’m sure you guys are going to love this month’s playlist. Go and check it out!

1 Chvrches – The Mother We Share

I’ve been a fan of Chvrches for a long time and holy smokes this band’s¬†amazing!¬†They’ve got this¬†magnetic charm in all their songs and creative videos. It’s just in them, I suppose. Also, whenever I come across this specific single, I can’t stop listening to it.¬†It’s absolutely stunning! I’m just happy¬†that I had their music in my ears¬†because¬†Lauren Mayberry’s subtle voice really made my day. One quick fact about this awesome vocalist: Lauren¬†holds a master’s degree in Journalism from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. Good going girl!¬†Watch out for Chvrches guys. Indietronica rocks!

2 Passion Pit – Take A Walk

Stumbled upon this interesting video and I told myself that it¬†looks so blimmin fun!¬†You just wanna¬†hear this song when the bustle of uni starts. It’ll definitely wake you up¬†if you’re not a morning person like myself. And I have a greater appreciation for this song¬†because I think¬†it’s more weather appropriate, if that makes sense. So here’s¬†something to brighten your day especially in this gloomy type of weather.

3 Marble Sounds – Photographs

When you’re so dead tired because of the busy week and you just want to listen to a chill tune during your down time… well, fret no more because Marble Sounds will definitely save you. The lyrics of this song came very fluidly and it blends really well¬†with the melody. I don’t know,¬†it’s got a lot of heart. Yeah, I think that’s it! I want to sit down and have coffee with this one¬†and probably,¬†you¬†just want to slow clap them right after.

4 Paramore – Ain’t It Fun

Paramore have come such a long way. Hayley Williams is so dope! She looks incredible no matter what hair color, costumes or any of that sort. On top of that, nobody could work it better than this girl. I really like the song¬†and¬†the band’s goal of breaking the most world records in a music video. I guess,¬†nobody can argue with this. <3

5 Pumped Up Kicks – Foster The People

This song is perfect for that stepping out of the car scenario, strong wind¬†hitting your face, complete with soft sunset lighting and of course¬†wearing that¬†half-arsed smile ha ha!¬†¬†Know what I’m saying? Anyway, these guys did so well.

6 Faded – Alan Walker

I was intrigued by¬†the story line of this video.¬†It was actually sad but surprisingly, I’m really diggin it. Well,¬†it kinda deals with the shards of life; tracing the past, putting on so much effort to find out what the real score is and in the end, facing the reality and accepting what’s actually there. On the bright side, I love the video sequence and¬†it’s like journeying with the person on screen. I love it!

7 Coldplay – Up&Up

This one’s a goodie! I love the concept behind this music video. It’s so cool that they are doing this, Coldplay¬†can pull off just about anything. I got really happy while watching this work of art. So, here’s “Up&Up”¬†to brighten up your day.

8 Sigma¬†–¬†Find Me feat. Birdy

Call me nerdy but Stranger Things is one of my favorite TV Series of all time. ūüôā Well, I love this not only because Millie Bobby Brown was in this music video, but it has a beautiful mix of audio and video. Oh, don’t forget Birdy’s melancholic vocals was everything. I know you guys will dig it. Way to go Eleven!

9 Home – Reese Lansangan

I am currently obsessed with this young Filipino singer-songwriter. This specific single¬†means so much to me. It’s something I want to listen to everyday. Totally¬†perfect if you ever get lonely sometimes;¬†remembering those awesome intimate family moments…¬†this is the part where you¬†go home and cry into your¬†ice cream. Just kidding. ūüėõ But seriously, I look forward to hearing more from this quirky¬†indie musician. Reese is so dang good!

10 Ebe Dancel – Bawat Daan

This song depicts my current mood.¬†When you’re young, you tend to be more carefree and wild…¬†it was all going pretty well until you reach that fork on the road and you’re completely clueless on what to do next. Reality starts to kick your senses and you ask yourself, what else was out there? And it could make you wonder whether you’re in the right direction.¬†Finding your¬†purpose has a huge impact on your overall happiness. Sometimes, you need to give yourself time to disconnect and just realize what truly is happening in your life. It doesn’t matter what everyone else has done, it is you personal journey. Ebe Dancel really speaks from the heart. He’s¬†an awesome inspiration and¬†a great¬†blessing to all who are graced by him!

Thank you so much friends for being lovely as always. If you like this month’s playlist, then high five for that! So, what do guys reckon? Lemme know what you think in the comment section below. ūüôā Please share what else is on your list and stay tuned for more! Have the best time! <3


Sending lots of love,


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