Traveling taught me so many valuable lessons in life. When I am on the road with my husband, I am certain that everything is possible. Life is about taking risks and making your childhood dreams come true. And so, I continue to aim for the infinite, to touch other people’s lives everyday and to keep journeying in an unfamiliar path. Besides, you only live once, right? So make the most of it while you can.

My greatest dream is to visit all the countries in the world, to meet new friends and families, immerse myself in another culture and to witness how people live in other parts of the globe.

Here are the places we’ve been so far:

  1. Philippines
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Macau
  4. Indonesia
  5. Singapore
  6. Australia
  7. New Zealand
  8. United Arab Emirates
  9. England
  10. Spain
  11. Netherlands
  12. Germany
  13. Portugal
  14. Israel
  15. Korea
  16. Brazil

There are more places to look forward to and we have no plan of slowing down. There is no room for regrets, live life to the fullest and most importantly – enjoy the journey. Adventure awaits! 🙂